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          FOLEY ARTIST


1. A technical process by which sounds are created or altered for use in a film, video, or other electronically produced work.

2. A person who creates or alters sounds using this process.

[After Jack Foley, (1891-1967), pioneering sound effect editor

 at Universal Studios in the 1930s.]




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Trained as a Foley Artist at Todd AO Studios East In New York City,  I have worked on Feature Films, such as Ron Howard's "Ransom" and Ang Lee's "Sense And Sensibility", Television Series and Specials, and Commercials. Please view my resume by clicking on the icon above.

  Please contact me through this site (CONTACT button above)

or call 917-453-4393.                                                             Listed on Production Hub: click here


Foley clip from "Ransom"

Foley Clip from "Sense And Sensibility"

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